Tyrone Township

Pyresbyterian Church Clough Cemetery Tyrone Township Hall Old Tyrone Town Hall Barn on Center Road

Tyrone Township lies in the northeast corner of Livingston county. Its neighbor to the east is Rose Township (Oakland county); to the north, Fenton and Fenton Township (Genesee county); to the west, Deerfield Township; and to the south, Hartland Township. The earliest records of the township are found in the acts of the Legislature of 1835, when, by an act approved by the Governor, March 26, 1835, it was attached to the town of Highland (Oakland County) for purposes of township government. On March 11, 1837, it was made a part of the town of Deerfield. Tyrone, extracted from Deerfield, was organized as a township on March 6, 1838. For surveying purposes Tyrone is known as town 4 north, range 6 east. The first road is said to have been from Tyrone to Highland in Oakland county. It was not surveyed but marked with blazes on the trees. No villages ever grew up in Tyrone. A few dwellings and one or two shops in Parshallville were in section 31 of Tyrone. The churches, the mill, the general stores, the school, etc. of Parshallville were all in section 6 of Hartland. Tyrone was a farming community depending on the villages in the neighboring towns for supplies.


Be sure to check the Parshallville Cemetery in Parshallville, Hartland township, and St. Augustine Catholic Cemetery, Deerfield township. Some Tyrone residents are buried in both of these cemeteries.



Michigan Historic Sites in Tyrone Township