Oceola Township

On March 11, 1837 all the land designated by the United States survey as township 3 north, range 3 east of Livingston County was called Byron. The land had been previously part of the township of Howell. On March 6, 1838 the name of the township was changed from Byron to Oceola.

The following describes Oceola Township as it was at the time of the 1880 History of of Livingston County. "The township of Oceola lies near the centre of Livingston County, and is bounded north by Deerfield, east by Hartland, south by Genoa, and west by Howell. It is exclusively an agricultural township, having no villages within its limits, and its improvements are second to none in the county. Elegant farm-dwellings, substantial and comfortable barns and out-buildings, and well kept fields are evidences of the prosperity of its inhabitants. The soil is adapted to all its requirements, and the yield of grains and fruits is generally most satisfactory. Timber exists in considerable quanities. The water-courses are few, and frequently become dry in continued drouths. The surface of the township is generally rolling, and capable of excellent drainage. In places the elevations are almost worthy the name of hills, and many beautiful and picturesque locations abound." Today the township boasts over 11,000 people and has lost much of its rural flavor.