Research and Reporting Tools

Listed on this page are research aids that are of value to both the beginner and the more experienced researcher.

Research Tools

  • Family History Library Research Helps: Here you will find numerous research aids from how to write a letter of inquiry to family group sheets to census forms to what's available for your county/state. There's much to explore and learn whether you're a beginner or a more experienced researcher.
  • Rootsweb Guide to Tracing Your Family Tree: There are 30 guides compiled and written by professional genealogists. The guides cover from "Where to Begin" to research in specific kinds of records to researching specific ethnic groups or countries. Excellent for beginners -- a good refresher for advanced researchers.

Reporting Tools

  • Citation Machine: Interactive web tool created by David Warlick to assist teachers and students in writing reference citations. There are two parts: print resources and electronic resources. Within each resource there are choices for the type of resource. Examples: books, journals, web page, or internet journal. You fill inn the form. Click on Make Citation and the reference citation is created.
  • Deed Platter: Interactive web tool that plats a metes and bounds deed. You can also add other information to your map such as grantor, grantee, township, county, state, and deed book reference.
  • Inflation Calculator: This tool adjusts any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 2005.
  • Time and Date: This tool allows you to calculate the time period between two dates, view a calendar for any year, and check the time anywhere in the world.