Tracing the Boundaries

1805 Michigan becomes a territory.

November 1, 1815 Wayne is the first county to be organized in the Territory of Michigan. Wayne county embraced all of the lands within the territory including present day Livingston county.

January 15, 1818 Macomb county is established. Included in this new county of Macomb is present day Livingston.

March 28, 1820 Oakland county is established and included present day Livingston.

September 10, 1822 By proclamation Governor Lewis Cass laid out Washtenaw County to include the two southern tiers of townships Green Oak, Hamburg, Putnam, Unadilla, Iosco, Marion Genoa, and Brighton) in present day Livingston. Washtenaw was organized in 1826.

September 10, 1822 Shiawassee is laid out to include the two northern tiers of townships (Hartland, Oceola, Howell, Handy, Conway, Cohoctah, Deerfield, and Tyrone) in present day Livingston. Shiawassee was to remain unorganized until March 18, 1837.

March 21, 1833 Governor George B. Porter approved the laying out of Livingston county. This new county of Livingston was to include townships one and two north, in ranges three, four, five and six, east of the meridian (from Washtenaw) amd townships three and four north, in ranges three, four, five and six, east of the meridian. For judicial and municipal purposes the south half of Livingston remained attached to Washtenaw and the north half to Oakland. Since Shiawassee had not been organized, it was still attached to Oakland.)

March 24, 1836 The organization of Livingston County was approved by the Legislature.