St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery


Old St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery is on Brophy Road, just east of Hacker, in Hartland township. When the church was built, it was decided to build in Oceola township at the intersection of Hacker Road and M-59. The parish was named St. John's. Most of the graves were moved to the cemetery at St. John's. St. John's cemetery is approximately 1 1/2 miles from St. Mary's. This cemetery faces south. The burial rows are south to north. At the west end of the cemetery are several markers scattered about on the ground. A few given names are visible on these markers. In the northeast corner is a small guardian angel surrounded by a ring of rocks. The cemetery was visited on May 4, 2005 by Patricia Morcom and Emma Winegarner. Tombstones were read and photographs were taken.

        John Jordan Aug 28 1851  age 41yrs 1mo 27da
        [  ] Jordan, wife of John May 11 1852  age 39yrs 10mo 25da
        John Cummisky Jan 1877  age 50yrs
        Elizabeth Cummisky, wife of John Aug 13 1853  age 22yrs 11Mos 26das
        John Jr Cummisky, son of John and Jane Feb 24 1860  age 2yr 5mo 22da
        Peter Cummisky, son of John and Jane Oct 12 1864  age 3yr 6mo 19da
        Thomas Gannon Dec 9 1865  age 26yrs  
           Note:  Age was taken from Rural Cemeteries of Livingston County Vol. III, 
           Philip Livingston chapter NSDAR, Howell, MI 1950
        Margaret Dolan, wife of James Dolan / daughter of Wm & Mary Gannon of Hartland Michigan
        Died April 13 1866  age 23yr 6mo
        [  ] Wines, Mother  Apr 2 1831 -
        [  ] Wines, Father  Dec 8 1814 - Jan 19 1905
        Richard Gannon, son of Michael and Mary Gannon Dec 7 1859  aged 26 years
        Mary Gannon, wife of Michael July 28 1869  aged 59yr
        John Tyrrell, son of T & M Tyrrell  B - Dec 22 1862  aged 26yrs 7mo  Though 
        lost to sight to Memory Dear
        [  ] Tyrrell Nov 22 1859  aged 24yrs 10mos 4Ds
        Rosie Gannon, wife of Richard Gannon Apr 20 1859  aged 34yrs 4Ms 5Ds
        William Gannon Born June 11 1815  Died Dec 17 1892
        Mary Gannon, wife of William Gannon Jan 27 1867  aged 45yrs 8mo 24da
        Ann [  ]  Piece lying on the ground
        Ellen --wdlay, wife of Robert --wdlay  Piece lying on the ground
         [  ], also their son Martin died Nov 29 1858 Sept 21 1858  aged 28Y 3M  Piece lying on the ground