Kelley Cemetery, Genoa Township

The Kelley Cemetery, section 13 of Genoa Township, is located on the west side of Hacker Road between Hyne and Bendix roads. The Kelley farm was across Hacker Road in Brighton Township. The cemetery was reported abandoned in 1948 in Vol II, Rural Cemeteries of Livingston County. All of the stones in the 1948 reading were located except one (Lydia Benjamin, dau of N & L Benjamin Died Sept 23 1852 Aged 1yr 1m 29ds). The reading of this unfound marker has the same death date and age as the still legible marker for Florence Amelia Benjamin. Some markers have fallen; some have broken and some have sunk part way into the ground. The cemetery is covered with myrtle and thickets of bushes. This cemetery was visited on May 17, 2005 by Patricia Morcom and Emma Winegarner. Photographs were taken and tombstone readings recorded. Notes are inside [ ].

Kelly Cemetery