Hatt Farm Cemetery, Deerfield Township

The Hatt Farm Cemetery is located on the homestead of William and Sarah (Sutherland) Hatt in Section 12 of Deerfield Township. On April 10, 2005 the cemetery was visited and transcribed by Patricia Morcom and Emma Winegarner.


Mrs Sarah Abrams / Died /Aug 20 1873 / Aged 55Yrs 3Mos 4Ds

John Hatt / Died / Jan 10 1861 / AE 62Yrs 5Ms 14Ds

[ ] / son of / J & C Pratt/ Died Aug 22 1840 Aged 2Yrs 9Mos (The top of the stone is broken away. It appears that the name could have been William.)

P A & / R E A (A small footstone)


Mrs. Sarah Abrams: There is a marriage record for Sarah Hatt and John Lyon 1 Jan 1840, Genesee Co, MI. On the Fenton Township census 18 July 1860 post office Linden is a Sarah Lyon, age 42, with four children: Louisa age 19, John age 17, William age 14, and David age 9. John Lyon probably died. There is a marriage license for a Sarah Lyons and a Hiram Abrams 2 Mar 1866, Genesee Co, MI. The 1870 census for Fenton Township post office Linden lists a Hiram and Sarah Abrams with a child Bert William, age 6. Sarah gives her age as 52 for the census and Hiram gives his age as 62. The child probably is Louisa's son. It is likely that Louisa, married, had a child and died between the 1860 and the 1870 census. From these clues it appears that Mrs. Sarah Abrams might be a younger sister of William Hatt, Jr.

John Hatt:
The 1860 Deerfield Township census lists a John (age 62) and Sally (age 60) Hatt with a Hiram (age 20) Hatt. John and Sally lived a short distance down the road from William and Sarah Hatt. This John Hatt is 12 years older than William Hatt, Jr. John is likely William's older brother but could be an uncle. Sally has not been found on the 1870 census.

[ ] / son of / J & C Pratt: According to the 1880 Livingston County history book James and Clarissa (Thompson) Pratt came to Deerfield in 1836 with one child. This child was probably John who moved to Tyrone as an adult. The child buried here was probably their second son. James and Clarissa later moved to Fenton and are buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

P A & / R E A:
The 1870 Deerfield Census lists a Peter and Catherine Abrams. From looking at the Peter Abrams family on the 1880 census in Argentine Township, Genesee Co, it seems likely that this couple could have lost two children between 1870 and 1880.